"no! Mother can’t … can’t leave with you! " Xia Dazhuang’s lip angle flicked under his eyes for a moment, and a flash of light soon disappeared. He snorted with disbelief. "You’re talking nonsense … why are these people coming to me … why are you leaving?"


Shaw never raised his eyes and looked at Xia Dazhuang with cold eyes. He said coldly, "Because you are a step."
"No, I’m Xia … Xia Dazhuang Step … Who is Step Lingxi? I … I don’t know." Xia Dazhuang shook his body and stepped back a few steps.
Qing Ruchen glared at Xiao Jue with a sigh and said, "Da Zhuang, although I hate this person who likes to wear black clothes all day like you, he is right in a word. You are a step-by-step. If you stay at Xiaohua’s house, it will bring endless troubles and disasters to Xiaohua and Niang’s family. You should leave. If you really care about Xiaohua, you should leave."
"Qing … Qing Ruchen even turned your elbow outward, and you … actually helped him or didn’t help me. I don’t … I don’t want to die or leave … I want to be with my mother forever … forever."
Xia Hua’s eyes were complicated with emotions, so he settled down and said quietly, "If Xiao absolutely refuses to leave, I will never force him and you are not allowed to force him."
Shaw never approached Xia Hua and stared at her with a smile. "It’s not advisable to stay here for a long time. You and your mother can leave Xia Dazhuang with me if you want."
Su Jiuniang shook her heart and said, "Is there only one way to go?"
Xiao absolutely nodded silently, and Xia Hua comforted, "Mother is leaving for a while and we will come back after the storm."
"But here are the flowers. You have just worked so hard to build a home. Our family has just passed a good day. Mother doesn’t want to …" Su nine niang’s eyes looked around and her eyes turned red immediately.
She didn’t want to leave, not at all. She thought she would live here for the rest of her life, but things didn’t work out. She just had a stable life and was about to leave again.
"Grandma doesn’t … don’t want to go … and she doesn’t want to go."
"Xiao Jue, where do you want to take the little flower?" Qing Ruchen suddenly got up and stared at Xiao Jue Shen with burning eyes. "You should know that Tian Da Murphy’s little flower is not better than being with Xia Dazhuang." Although you are the Holy Emperor of Jiuli Temple, you suffered a heavy blow in the First World War in Beijing. Now, where is the ability to protect the little flower emperor? He is bent on taking your head. Can you still have an Ann’s birthday? You leave with Xia Dazhuang and leave this home forever, and nothing will happen in this home. This village is still the quiet little mountain village. "
Xiao Jue’s face sank and his mouth slightly curved with an oblique radian. His eyes looked at Qing Ruchen coldly and asked, "Do you know too much about Qing Ruchen?"
Qing Ruchen slowly approached Xiao absolutely indifferent and said, "Xiao absolutely no matter how much I know, there is one thing you must know about this family and me. If you want to have me here, you will not let the little flowers, mothers and plugs suffer a little damage. Your trip today is really unnecessary."
"To do more than one … at one stroke" Xia Dazhuang gritted his teeth and adhered to the unity.
"Dust, do you mean we won’t leave this house?" Su nine niang’s face was hesitant and difficult to decide.
"Mother still wants to leave." Qing Ruchen turned to look at Su nine niang’s eyes slightly sweeping from Xia Hua’s face with hope and asked, "I wonder if Mother would like to leave with me?"
He asked if Xia Hua wanted Xia Hua, even though Su nine niang wanted the answer. Yes, he could take them back to the Phantom Gate, where the sky was high and the emperor was far from being able to hurt the little flower.
Su nine niang looked at Qing Ruchen and Xiao Jue, and finally looked around Xia Hua. "What do you say about flowers?"
Xia Hua’s eyes are firm and warm, and his hand has been quietly holding Xiao’s unique hand. His heart is like dust, and he has a pain. He already knows the answer before Xia Hua has given the answer.
Quiet late at night
The wind is cold and the snow is falling.
Snowflakes have been steamed into water droplets by steaming hot air before falling into the pool water to form fine ripples in circles.
A petite red figure sat quietly at the edge of the hot spring Chi Pan, her hair flying in the wind, and she was not afraid of the cold at all, showing her delicate jade ankles, where she talked and provoked a pool of warm water.
Her side face is beautiful and pure, her eyelashes are thick and upturned, her lips are red and moist, and she is as pure and beautiful as a fairy who accidentally fell into the dust.
It was her eyes that stared at the pool, and it was dark, and her eyes showed that her actual age did not match the vicissitudes of life.
She’s waiting for someone to take her sister away from her. She doesn’t care whether this person is the owner of Dragon Soul Jade or what she has with him. She must let him leave Xiahua, and the only way to let him leave Xiahua completely is to kill him.
She knew that he would definitely come tonight because his body and mind were full of incense and poison, and he even practiced ghost killing in such a bad physical condition, which is equivalent to killing himself for three months. If he doesn’t come to this pool to warm his blood and internal organs, he will practice yin cold ghost killing and will bite his body.
She didn’t care at all when he died, but he refused to die well. Before he died, he had to pester Xia Hua again. He even married Su nine niang and took away his sister’s family. How could she bear it any longer? If he was contaminated with Xia Hua before he died, she finally found a perfect body after so many years of hard work, and it would be destroyed.
She wants to wait. After all, Xia Hua is still young and her body has not developed to the most concave and convex degree, but she can’t wait because Xiao is absolutely going to marry Xia Hua. Once he marries Xia Hua, she is not sure that she can regain a clean summer flower.
No matter who it is, it can’t be Xiao Jue or Xia Dazhuang who married Xia Hua. She thinks it’s disgusting.
Xia Dazhuang is just a fool to her. Xia Hua doesn’t have Xia Dazhuang’s place in her heart. She can feel at ease and let Xia Hua and Xia Dazhuang live in the same room more than she thinks Xia Dazhuang can help her successfully isolate Xiao Jue and Xia Hua at some time.
Of course, she still doesn’t feel at ease. She deliberately forced Qing Ruchen to live in Xiahua’s home because Xia Dazhuang is a capable person with Qing Ruchen and Xiao’s absolute resistance. After all, they have been fighting each other for ten years, and the winner has not been decided.
But people are not as good as days. Where can she know that Xiao Jue came back from Beijing so quickly? She didn’t expect that Xiao Jue would easily escape from Beijing by sinister and drastic measures. She swore a poison oath in front of old things and Niang that she would never kill Xiao Jue, but she was bent on cracking the secret of dragon soul jade. Of course, she knew that the most important thing was to kill Xiao Jue by herself.
Although Xiao Jue has been seriously injured and her body has long been ruined, she has always been afraid of the power of murder. She hasn’t been a real woman. How can she be willing to fight for Xiao Jue to make a larger foe, so that her life is still meaningful?
She can’t be a freak all her life and die like a child. How much she wants to grow up and meet her brother like a woman. Didn’t her brother refuse her because she could always be a child?
She wants to show her brother that one day she will grow up, and she will be a beautiful woman, and she can have children with him.
For all these years, she has been trying every means to grow up until her brother becomes a living dead. She got a broken ancient secret when she was sorting out her relics. It is because of that ancient secret that she found hope.
According to the secret book, if you can find a body suitable for an adult woman to perform body change, she can successfully have a woman’s body.
After so many years of searching for such a suitable body, she walked through many places. Later, she went to Donggou Village. In the village, she managed to see a suitable woman. The woman was sixteen years old and Doukou was old. Who would have thought that she had no shame to hook up with a dirty and obscene man before Tong Moya helped her perform the body change? She was angry and set fire to the woman.
It was autumn, and a big fire burned the whole village. Of course, she didn’t set the fire alone. Tong Moya captured seven girls in Donggou Village, and one girl fled back to the village.
It was this woman who harmed the whole village. This woman overheard Tongmoya’s identity and fled back to the village. She reported that Tongmoya in Donggou Village had been in a hurry and simply ordered people to take advantage of the fire that night to burn and kill the whole village. From then on, another person in Donggou Village knew Tongmoya’s identity.
Well, she can barely accept that she found Xia Hua soon after the woman was burned to death by her. She has never been so satisfied with a woman’s body. Either she wants to find fault with her eggs or Xia Hua is too young, but she has the patience to wait for so many years. She doesn’t care about waiting for a few more years. When Xia Hua reaches the age of 16 or 17, that is the most beautiful body. She seems to see herself grow up after changing her body.
She wants to walk up to her brother in the most beautiful way. She wants to show him that she is not a freak. She is the most normal woman.
The silence in the mountain is terrible. Only the wind and snow rustling suddenly come from the mountain. Her mouth slightly slants out a beautiful and frightening arc.
Finally, she can’t kill him alone. She can find two more helpers. She won’t believe it. She and Qing Ruchen can’t kill this Xiao Jue with three people.
Yu Xiahua, of course, won’t let her appear. She knows that she has practice habits every night. Today, at dinner, she specially prepared some sedatives for Xia Hua. She will sleep well. After killing Xiao tonight, this man can’t take Xia Hua away again.
The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and she still hangs her head and silently stares at a pool of hot springs.
A black shadow quietly and she finally turned to look at him with a chuckle, "Uncle, you did come after all."
"Why don’t you stay at home and come here?" Xiao unique indifference asked.
Otherwise, she shook her head and smiled, "I naturally wait for my uncle to come here."
"Are you waiting for me?" Xiao Jue’s speech has been understood by others. The thick black fur shirt entered the hot spring pool and buried the whole body in the water. Thick warm currents slowly penetrated into his cold body from his skin.
He quietly closed his eyes to adjust his breath.
"Uncle, of course, I have something to tell you when I wait for you."