Mo Tianyuan looked at the floating area in front of him. Before he came to this place, there were three side-by-side missiles coming from the front. The three missiles were flat and the two edges were side by side, while one missile was slightly apart. Mo Tianyuan jumped from the ground in front of the missile and made three jumps after turning over the missile through these three missile gaps, so that the horseshoe tip of the red god stepped on the short flat near the screen.


Then the road ahead seems to have just increased the difficulty. Here, every two flat sections of the road have a flash of blame, but the flat sections are short and the intervals are not long, which is just enough to accommodate the flash of blame. Every two flat sections are gradually decreasing in height across the middle gap, like building a flight of stairs for the little witch who is about to pass here.
At the same time, when the red flame tiptoes on every flat section, there will be a missile sweeping across from the front, which will make the little witch’s long hair shake when she just arrived here.
Four missiles in the four-section flat area are connected with every two-section flat area. Mo Tianyuan looks at the long fault in front of him, and just a moment ago he just used a life-saving skill.
"Is this section going to stop him from breaking the record bottleneck?"
At this time, many people in the audience were worried. Although it was the young man in front who let them lose the deposit just now, it is even more attractive to see the young man break the record of the first witch in front of them than those trivial deposits.
"If only that skill had been released here just now. After all, now he is less than 200 meters away from Linghan’s record …"
"Yes, but even if he can’t break that record, it’s admirable for him to run such a long distance now. You know, even Nana and the super-powerful teenager in China can run 10,000 meters in front of so many people."
"That’s right, but in case he really hangs up here later, he will feel a little sorry, won’t he?"
"It’s difficult. After all, it’s not easy for Ling Hanchuang to break his record."
Just as everyone was talking about it, Mo Tianyuan had already stepped on that long fault full of missiles and flash monsters! However, just as everyone nervously looked at Mo Tianyuan’s attempt to pass through this difficult point, he was startled to see that behind the little witch riding something in front suddenly lit up again, dragging the golden star tail and the long broken plane was also paved with a floating ladder instantly …
"It’s strange that he has not just put the skills? How can I do it again? "
"Idiot! Small hag skills can be three times, even if it has been twice just now, and now it can be started again. "One finally thought of something like a page.
"Oh oh yeah yeah! The little witch has three skills D. No wonder he can start skills here! "
They didn’t expect that this difficulty, which seems to be almost desperate efforts, was actually broken through by Mo Tianyuan just by using a skill! And at this moment, those original dignitaries, flash monsters and missiles turned into full-screen gold coins!
Even though we all know that Little Witch’s 3-time skill D has strong life-saving ability, it’s the first time to see this skill released so brightly, and that is, Mo Tianyuan just released this skill to help him successfully win the first little Witch’s new record!
The audience was full of excitement. This moment was obviously unexpected, but a new record was suddenly born in front of their eyes. How can it not be exciting?
However, Dongfang Hao, who was sitting behind Taiwan, quietly dialed a number at this time …
Chapter 433 No one can break it?
Zhang Chaodong and Yuxi in the top conference room of the Hall of Fame are still chatting just now.
"Mr. Zhang, a lot of champions from other cities have come over these days. It is estimated that the list of celebrities has changed a lot in recent days. Maybe you will be broken in this respect," Yu Xi said with a smile
If there is a player on the celebrity list who challenges successfully, he will get a corresponding amount of reward. Although the number is small, it can’t stand frequent changes. If a list changes several times a day, won’t the players get a reward every time?
And so it is.
Smell speech Zhang Chaodong generous laughed. "What’s the matter? It’s not like we can’t come up with the money. Even those players from other cities can’t make a celebrity list …"
Although they are not weak in their respective cities, how much waves can the players killed in a small city in such a stormy sea turn up? Compared with those professional players, maybe they are second-tier players at best.
Since its establishment, the celebrity list has become a source for many competitive clubs to recruit high-end players, and the list can clearly reflect the strength of some players, which makes many teams end up looking for cool running. The distress of high-end players is similar to that of the four major competitive bases. In recent days, the club has recruited several good players from the celebrity list to save the shortcomings in mobile competition.
Yu Xi laughed. "That’s not necessarily true. Some cool runners in other cities may not have this opportunity even if they want to join the professional team. The Hall of Fame has given them an opportunity. If they want to show their hands in mobile competition, then I think they will definitely seize this opportunity and we need to wait and see."
Zhang Chaodong said, "I hope it’s as you said … by the way, did you find that’ shallow warmth’ during this period? Would she like to join our club? "
When I heard this question from Zhang Chaodong, Yu Xi shook her head gloomily. "It’s difficult. As far as I know, the foundation of her organization is a female player owner. Although it’s not strictly a formal professional club, Manager Zhang, as you know, there are already many non-professional organizations built in our country. Some members in these organizations are really strong, and they may not want to join the professional team."
Zhang Chaodong smell speech face seems to be a little disappointed and said, "Well ….. it’s really hard to say the best."
Just then, the office door was knocked by a young worker. As soon as the worker entered the door, he couldn’t wait to say, "Zhang’s classic model little witch record was just broken by a boy!"
When two people in the office heard the news, it was a good news for them, because it meant that another person with good strength appeared in front of them, and Jiashi Club had the geographical advantage of celebrity list. If any good players emerged, they could know the situation at the first time.
Yu Xi laughed. "Ha ha! Manager Zhang, what did I just say? As far as I know, the highest score of that little witch is that Ling Hanchuang can even break this record … Hey hey, maybe we found the treasure today! "
Zhang Chaodong is also a little excited at the moment. Obviously, he is ready to include this player in the flag. "Let’s go! Go over there! "
As early as watching the celebrity list, Mo Tianyuan had kept in mind the distance that Ling Han ran. At this moment, he knew that he had succeeded in surpassing it. Although it was not that Ling Han was best at super teenagers, it was still a goal. After continuing to run for two kilometers, he relaxed his spirit and hung on the track.
Despite this, the audience is already boiling.
"wow! This man actually broke Ling Han’s record. Hey, it’s so handsome! "