Confirm that these words are mysterious rewards. One hundred is not enough. Say with a smile, "Taoist friends can put these words away first and I will tell him when Master comes back. I will inform Taoist friends or Taoist friends to leave me an address after Master finishes writing. I can also give them to Taoist friends."


Mystery and bamboo clouds exchanged token communication, and they talked for another session. Bamboo clouds and clouds continued several cups of tea to Mystery, and Yunzhongyue and Xueyan clothes still didn’t come back.
Mystery over there in Fairy Mountain doesn’t want to go back, so I just stayed at the romantic pavilion for two days. I’m very happy about this. While preparing a room for mystery, I said, "We rarely have romantic pavilions, so it’s a pleasure for us to be alone now."
It was only after talking to Zhu Yunyan that I realized that although Zhu Yunyan is a younger brother in the cloud, he is not in the romantic pavilion. Zhu Yunyan has passed the age behind this master in the cloud, and now he usually stays at his own home and occasionally comes to the romantic pavilion to help Yunzhongyue give a hand or something.
In this way, Mystery and Bamboo Clouds stayed in the romantic pavilion for two days, and the clouds, the moon and the snow stained the clothes before returning.
See mystery snow stained clothes eyes can’t help but a bright quickly close to the mystery, "you are specially come to see me"
He said that he would open his arms and want to press the mystery into his arms.
"I didn’t come to see you …" The mysterious Daoguo didn’t listen to what he said.
While watching the bamboo clouds, I was shocked. It may never be imagined that the mystery and my uncle were so profound that they respectfully saluted Yunzhongyue and said, "Master, you are back."
"Well," the moon in the cloud smoked a cigarette in his mouth and smelled a spiritual smoke. The smoke blurred the expression of the moon in the cloud and made people unable to distinguish between joy and anger.
Zhu Yunyan intuitively knew that her master Yunzhongyue was not in a good mood, but she didn’t have much scruples about seeing the mystery and the snow-stained clothes. It was not like an outsider. Zhu Yunyan directly tugged at the corner of the moon in the cloud and gently shook it. "Master and brother have something to ask."
"Tell me about it." The moon in the cloud paid a little attention to Vivi’s brother alone.
"I think the master will give me a cabinet. I have some information to check." Bamboo clouds blinked at the moon in the clouds.
The moon in the clouds heard the words and looked at the bamboo clouds. "You finally figured it out and learned to write with Master, disciple."
"No, I don’t want to write something wrong. I will write something if I come, Master. I know there is a lot of information in our pavilion. Please give me the maximum limit for a few days."
"It’s just that it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. If it needs cleaning, let Xuanji go with you. I’ll release it to Xuanji."
"In the snow stained clothes come over, we still have work to do." Yunzhongyue directly got rid of the snow stained clothes that wanted to stick mystery.
Chapter 193 Chapter 193
"This ….. teacher, really want to confront my dad face to face? I actually want to know what kind of person my dad is, and I didn’t ask my dad to plan after all … "Bamboo clouds hesitated.
After all, the former couple of the sword statue have long fallen, and even if her father really sets his mind on it, it is impossible for anything to happen again.
"If you don’t figure it out, it will become your heart and then affect your post-cultivation. This can’t be done, but how can my brother Yunyue hold back because of a little difficulty? I believe that this problem can be difficult for my brother." Yunyue laughed.
"Master …" Zhu Yunyan heard that her heart welled up and moved her. She knew that she was sensitive. Some things had been kept in her heart and she would get sick, but she didn’t expect that Master, who is usually sloppy, would help herself at this time.
"By the way, do you want to go together?" On the cloud side eyes to one side watching the snow stained clothes and opposing trance mystery asked.
"Of course, how can we go to such a thing without us?" Snow stained clothes stretched out his hand and put it on the mysterious shoulder.
"I … I also take a trip." Mystery pushed open the snow-stained clothes arm, which was very resistant.
Although she didn’t know anything about it, she finished it with her, but in order to know who Zhu Yunyan’s father was, she had to take a trip to see if she could solve it.
In this way, a few mysterious people set out and sent them to Yuzhou, where the bamboo smoke house is located.
Road snow stained clothes like a boneless stuttering on the mystery shoulder hand is virtual ring mystery waist, fingertips in circles like playing with mystery ponytail, mystery thinking, temporarily didn’t care about snow stained clothes, until suddenly heard the cloud month call yourself this just came to my mind.
"After Master Xuanji arrives in Yuzhou, you and Yunyan go to explore and test it first. I and Xueyan will not come forward until you find the evidence and the evidence is conclusive. What if we come out again?" The cloud on the mystery way
Mystery nodded during the consciousness. Just looking at the bamboo clouds, I found that the bamboo clouds looked at myself, which was very shocking. Mystery paid attention to herself and found out how close she was to the snow-stained clothes.
Want to also don’t want to mystery stretched out his hand and directly grabbed the snow-stained robe force to snow-stained clothes area suddenly snow-stained clothes really was mystery a throw out.
In the cloud, he looked at the cigarette rod in his hand and moved the snow-stained clothes to his side, while gesturing for the bamboo clouds to pass by the mystery.
Bamboo clouds hesitated to approach the mystery for a while, and then could no longer bear to ask the mystery, "I don’t know what the mysterious Taoist friend and my uncle are?" I have never seen my uncle so clingy. "
Inadvertently, the bamboo clouds look at the mysterious eyes with a touch of respect. After all, the snow-stained clothes are her uncles. If there is anything between him and the mysterious, it is the bamboo clouds elders.
"To tell you the truth, Martial Uncle Xue Yi and I are not only bad, but also very bad. Who knows what medicine your Martial Uncle has taken recently? Instead of caring about what I have hurt him, he has softened his attitude towards me." In fact, the mystery is faint in his heart, but it is not convenient to say it.
"By the way, can you tell me about your parents’ situation, so I can deal with it at that time?" Mystery diverted attention from bamboo clouds.
When I heard the mystery, my eyes were dark and my whole body was covered with a layer of light sorrow. "My mother, Zhu Fengyi, was the father of Yuzhou Prefecture, and she painted everyone’s self-memory. Since then, they have been loving each other. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be so angry when I found someone else in my father’s heart."
It is because I was so convinced of my parents’ feelings that I can’t accept my father’s love instead of my mother now.
"Whether my father’s disguise is too good or whether he really has my mother in his heart, I can’t tell now," said Zhu Yunyan. She has been in a low mood since she found the fairy data in that painting.
Mystery also found that bamboo clouds are sensitive and slender, and it is easy for people who care about themselves to get into a dead end.
Is the name mo mystery carefully recalled a discovery and didn’t have much impression. At that time, the mystery felt a lot less guilty.
All the people will soon arrive in Yuzhou, and soon they will arrive at the Taishou House.
The moon in the clouds and the clothes stained with snow are hidden in the dark, and there is no bamboo cloud and smoke, so they go home with mystery.
Someone in Zhuyunyan’s family happened to be slightly surprised to see Zhuyunyan. "Yunyan, didn’t you go to Baiyujing? Why did you come back so soon?"
"Your mother is not at home at the moment, and the two of us talked about you yesterday."
Seeing that the bamboo clouds are greeted by a tall, slender figure, full of breath and water, gentle face inclines to the young face, soft lines and full head of hair are loosely rolled up and hung down on the shoulder side, which gives people a feeling of being very virtuous and virtuous.
Seeing the bearer, there was a guess in Mystery’s heart. Sure enough, for a moment, bamboo clouds confirmed the guess in Mystery’s heart that "the daughter had seen her father"
"Junior mystery met uncle" mystery and bamboo clouds salute at almost the same time.
"Mystery … Xuan word generation …" Don’t smell words micro ash eyes rested on the xuan fuselage eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Father, I forgot to take something and left when I took something." Bamboo clouds gathered their eyes and said.
Don’t smell speech looked at his daughter during the bamboo smoke way "what did you forget to take? Can you ask your father to help you find it together? "