Lin Yu came to see Anya is unexpected to take a step back first, pointing to Anya way "second lady, are you sure? Don’t cry if you lose! "


"challenging method!"
"shame provocation!"
"It’s awesome and shameful to provoke the law!"
"get out! ! ! ! !”
Ling Yan was once again beaten by Mu Junze and Feng Ling, sobbing and sobbing.
Feng Ling watched the little eunuch to be quite white and tender, crying red and ugly with a big face. He couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief and cover his face with a serious dislike. "How ugly! Cover! "
"Meowed …"
"Still crying!" Feng Ling said that the whole palm pressed Ling Yan’s face.
"Boo hoo …"
"…" Feng Ling increased the strength.
Finally I can’t hear Ling Yan crying.
Because she fainted.
A year later, when Ling Yan listed it in the headlines of Feng Ling’s list of Ling Yan’s abuse, he felt like he didn’t crush her white face at the beginning.
Let her be gorgeous again!
Let her seduce the eunuch again … Bah! Seduce men
"I killed you!"
Anya shouted such a slogan with no technical content and waved to Lin Yu, who was frivolous and cold-hummed.
"Big Brother, be careful!"
"Brother, be careful!"
"Boo hoo … look out!"
MuJunZe and glide like lightning rushed out to protect your front.
Say it’s hushi. In front of Jun Chen, watch Anya and Lin Yu fight.
Anya pounced on Lin Yu, and somehow her calf seemed to be hit by something. Suddenly, a burst of sour and numb steps made her fall to Lin Yu’s feet, and a dog bit the rice field.
Lin Yu stretched out his hand and gave her a shoulder throw, and his arms fell. He looked at her feet with a hint of incomprehension, and Anya’s hands remained in the posture just now.
Anya slammed the door, but it caught Lin Yu’s leg. Lin Yu wanted to wipe her face with her trouser leg, but she was about to dump it …
"paralysis! You are a dog! "
Anya bit Lin Yu’s calf while she was unprepared, and Lin Yu wailed in the sky.
Mu Junze and Ling Fengshen synchronously covered their ears but felt that they were slapped behind their backs.
Looking back, Jun Chen looked dark and looked at them. "Get out! Blocking the line of sight 14 Chapter 14 Onlookers Princess Lin Yu fights fiercely.